Challenging Stereotypes
Challenging Stereotypes

Challenging Stereotypes

Hi guys, 

TextfeldI am a seventeen-year-old girl and I have lived in the Bavarian Forest ever since I was born. The place is often stereotyped as boring and as a place where people just drink beer but can`t do much more. However, in the cities many children believe that purple cows exist. For the people who living here it is more than clear that the Bavarian Forest has a lot more to offer. 

First, people are genuinely friendly here. Knowing your neighbors does have its benefits. Whenever you need something, you just ask your neighbor for help. You can also go out with your friends without your parents wayearlier because it is safer than in the cities. You don`t have many opportunities to do something, but you always have the option to go hiking and to meet with friends on top of a mountain.  

TextfeldThe only slightly negative aspect that occurs to me is the public transport system- it doesn`t really exist. So, you depend on a car to be able to leave your village at all. But I also believe that it makes you more independent and self- reliant. 

What I really like is the fact that you have all kinds of animals around you, whether cows or maybe your own horse. For example, I go to my horse multiple times a week. The children here know where the supermarket milk and meat come from as opposed to the kids from the cities.  

Hopefully, I could clear up some prejudices because the Bavarian Forest is just great to grow up.   

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