From the Blue Sea to the Green Forest
From the Blue Sea to the Green Forest

From the Blue Sea to the Green Forest


I was born in Spain, then came to the Bavarian Forest when I was five years old. It was quite a

change – from living on the sunny Mediterranean coast to living in a small city where it can get

freezing. I got to know two places, but I have lived longer in Bavaria than in Spain.

What I like the most about living here is nature. Here, you live in a small city and can reach deep

forests in only a few minutes on  foot. There are also lots of high mountains to climb that offer

amazing views. Should you feel the desire to be in a bigger city, you can take a half-an-hour drive and

be in Deggendorf. Our region is also close to the Czech and Austrian border. I like living a quiet and

relatively peaceful life here.

The only things I would criticize is first and foremost, the lack of internationality. I think

there are not many people from other countries around here, which sometimes makes especially

school a dull experience. Another point of criticism would be the lack of options concerning leisure

activities. I would love to try out different forms of martial arts and attend art courses, however,

there is little to choose from.

All in all, growing up here has been and is nice. I don´t believe that living here gives you

disadvantages, on the contrary actually, because in the Bavarian Forest there is a strong sense of

identity and community, which I think is often missing in bigger cities.